Why you need your own website if you’re selling online

If youre thinking about offering products online, you might be asking yourself if its much better to sell through a market like Amazon or eBay or to begin your own online store.
On the surface, selling on a popular ecommerce platform sounds like an excellent concept. You can quickly get your items in front of a big audience of consumers who are prepared to purchase.
But did you understand that there are certain types of items that you cant offer on 3rd party platforms? Or that if Amazon decides to suspend your listing and close your account, youre left with no backup alternative?
So while selling your products on an ecommerce platform may look like a good idea in the short-term, it wont assist your service grow in the long term.
Lets take a look at a couple of factors why you require your own site if youre selling online, and why beginning your own branded store is a better play in the long run.
To construct your own unforgettable brand and consumer experience
When people shop on a big market like Amazon, the majority of think theyre purchasing from Amazon although its your products theyre purchasing.
Why? Because all product pages look the same. The style, the font styles, and the colours are practically standardised across a lot of markets. While there are some things you can do to differentiate yourself, theyre so little that theyre unnoticeable to a lot of shoppers.
Simply look at how tiny a trademark name is on an Amazon listing:

Due to the fact that all product pages look the very same. Given that 3rd celebration platforms like Amazon, Facebook and eBay are so popular, lots of services, small and huge, have actually begun utilizing them to sell their products online. And its not simply in the search results when individuals search for your products however likewise straight on your item page.
Once a possibility lands on your website, theyll just have your products to search through. No other distractions or sponsored ads for other items to compete for their attention as soon as there.

Theres no other info about the brand, no website address or contact info. Just a brand name that a lot of consumers barely ever notice.
What does this mean for your service? It means that you do not exist as a brand name. The only brand here is Amazon and thats the only one clients actually discover.
When you have your own website, youre developing your own brand, one that consumers and visitors notification, recommend and remember to others.
Its a brand that you have complete control over. You get to choose how you want your store to look and the kind of experience you develop for your visitors and customers.
You can pick what design template, logo, fonts and colours to utilize to show your brand character and niche industry, the type of products you offer and how you sell them. Its all totally up to you since youre constructing on a platform you own, and not one youve rented.
Bottom line: when you have your own distinct site, its simpler to separate yourself from the crowd. Its likewise much easier to create an unforgettable experience that can turn novice visitors into devoted consumers.
See this webinar to find out more about developing your small company brand and check out these ideas on how to create your distinct brand style guide.
To get consumers undistracted attention
Since 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Facebook and eBay are so popular, great deals of services, big and little, have actually started utilizing them to offer their products online. This also means that youre taking on other companies every day. When people search for your items however also straight on your item page, and its not simply in the search results.
Take a look at this example of a product page where another listing from a rival is shown straight on the page.

So not even your listing is your own. Theres constantly another item that can capture a prospects attention and have them click far from your listing.
When you have your own online store, that does not take place. When a prospect arrive at your site, theyll only have your items to check out. No other interruptions or sponsored ads for other products to compete for their attention as soon as there.
To construct your e-mail list
One of the greatest drawbacks of offering through 3rd celebration platforms is that you can never have access to your consumer base. Because theyre not yours but the platforms youre selling on, thats.
This suggests you cant reach out to consumers to ask for their feedback or to provide to help. You also cant communicate with them via email to share news, special deals or info about other products youre selling that they might be thinking about acquiring.
Simply put, youre losing out on a substantial chance to develop a relationship with your consumers and grow your earnings.
When you have your own shop, you have access to whatever from their contact information to what they purchased and when, and how much they invested.
Even if theyre novice visitors who are simply browsing through your site, you likewise have the chance to lure them to sign up for your mailing list. This provides you the opportunity to email them with special promos and educational content that helps to build trust and persuade them to purchase from you at a later stage.
To promote your products and increase your reach
When you have your own site, you get to decide where and how to market your business and items, and what types of campaigns to create to draw in more consumers to your shop. And, most importantly, youre sending out all that traffic to your own website and get to keep 100% of the revenues.
When youre offering on a 3rd celebration platform, that traffic isnt yours. The promotions you run and the projects you pay for to promote your products, they all assist to construct another persons brand, traffic, consumer base and earnings, not yours.
To get self-reliance from 3rd celebration platforms
Theres not much flexibility on popular markets when it comes to how you present and promote your products. Its all standardised and there are lots of restrictions and rules to what types of items you can sell and how you sell them.
But when you have your own site, you have total control over what and how you sell. You can include images, demonstrations and videos to help customers select the best products for their requirements, and supply further support whenever they require it.
To develop your own effective business, not another persons.
One of the benefits of offering on markets like Amazon and eBay is that you can offer items rapidly, with little resources and little effort on your part.
While that might be real, building your own custom-made online shop is now simpler and more budget friendly than ever in the past.
Our 123 Reg Online Shop packages come with everything you require to run a successful online shop, from mobile-friendly design templates and checkout so customers can purchase with ease no matter what gadget theyre utilizing to free domain, web hosting, email account and SSL certificate for a protected store.
In addition, you can still sell your products on 3rd party platforms however youll get to manage whatever from your own website. Read these assistance short articles to discover how you can integrate your 123 Reg Online Shop with Facebook and Amazon, and how quickly you can manage your listings from your own site.
Rather of relying on a 3rd celebration platform to sell your items, a platform you have no control over, why not sell on your own branded store while also promoting your products on popular marketplaces? By doing this, no matter what takes place, youll constantly have your own store where customers can check out, purchase and get in touch with you.
Finishing up.
When choosing where to offer your products, ask yourself what is your long-term technique. Selling on popular marketplaces can be a low-friction method to get going, but what about the future?
If youre severe about developing an unforgettable brand name and an effective organisation, one where youre in complete control over how you present, promote and offer your products, then you need to have your own site.


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