What It Means to Be ‘Money Motivated’ (& Should You Be?)

Start a sales contest. In 2020, the typical staff member pay raise is expected to be around 3%– less than half the quantity of cash it takes to really inspire employees. If cash were the only way to keep staff members encouraged and engaged, numerous business might struggle to keep up.
Having a manager who lends support and motivation to keep staff members inspired. Salesmens are frequently encouraged by what matters with them, or what benefit is in positioning with their individual values.

The default response for incentivizing salesmen is typically money. Need to introduce a new item? Start a sales contest. Need to update more clients? Gamify it with financial incentives.

But is cash the ultimate motivator for salespeople? Lets discuss what it suggests to be money encouraged, and if monetary rewards are really the finest way to foster an engaged, encouraged sales group.
Money Motivated
A money-motivated sales representative focuses on financial settlement through commission and winning competitions over other elements associated with work. This means they also dont gain motivation from aspects that are not connected to their personal financial advancement.
In a sales role, a money-motivated person might be someone who is constantly pushing for the sale and is encouraging customers to acquire offerings that may not be a great fit for them in the long run just because they are seeking to convert. With monetary gain as their only objective, they might not be thinking about other important aspects such as consumer satisfaction or retention.
It is very important to differentiate between the desire for payment, and having cash be the sole source of motivation in a function. Extremely few people would be prepared to work for complimentary, however, they may discover other sources of satisfaction and inspiration to do their task to the finest of their ability in addition to being compensated.
A lot of individuals in the labor force are working since they need to earn money, however, the desire to be relatively made up for your work is not the very same thing as genuinely being cash encouraged.
According to Psychology Today, an employee pay raise requires to be thought about significant, roughly 7% or more, to favorably affect staff member motivation. In 2020, the typical employee pay raise is anticipated to be around 3%– less than half the quantity of money it requires to genuinely encourage workers. Many companies may have a hard time to keep up if money were the only way to keep employees inspired and engaged.
It is necessary to note that while salesmen are not exempt from these findings when it concerns base pay, those in the sales field who work for commission remain in an unique position. Compared to those working for hourly pay, sales are one of the few fields where an employees level of effort can affect how much money they make.
A sales representative who manages their time efficiently and is able to engage with more potential customers may close more deals than a sales representative who reaches out to fewer individuals, resulting in making more cash from commission from closing more offers. This creates an entirely different dynamic for salespeople than those who are paid a set quantity for a particular variety of hours worked.
Due to the fact that sales is a field that focuses on monetary data, it can be appealing to fall into a money-motivated state of mind or the idea that financial gain is the end-all-be-all. After all, sales teams are largely accountable for driving a companys profits, and without the efforts of salespeople, lots of companies might not sustain operations.
It is important for sales leaders to consider other sources of motivation for their sales groups in addition to financial incentives.
Motivating Salespeople
When salespeople are exclusively focused on monetary motivation, they may feel specifically dissuaded throughout a slower sales period or when their business is not able to continue increasing their pay at a rate in positioning with their work. Additionally, having a narrow definition of success or a short lived motivator can make money-motivated representatives most likely to experience burnout.
Think about checking out other consider addition to financial compensation that can help aspects feel determined and fulfilled. According to RAIN Group, top-performing sellers are truly encouraged by multiple elements consisting of:
Company Culture
Having a healthy, inclusive work environment that fosters and supports sales associate development and advancement. As a sales leader, consider the methods you can create an environment your associates can grow in.
Do you have routine meetings where associates feel they can openly interact their issues and ideas? Do your reps have the tools and resources they need to effectively finish their jobs and feel empowered in their function? These can be excellent locations to begin.
Management and Leadership
A staff members working relationship with their manager is among the greatest deciding aspects in their performance. Having a supervisor who provides assistance and motivation to keep employees motivated. Leading sellers are twice as likely to have supervisors who motivate them.
Think about the interactions you have with your reps regularly. How can you assist them feel encouraged through your actions and words? Can any of your existing practices be thought about demotivating? This can also be an excellent chance to ask your representatives for feedback on ways you can partner with them to keep them inspired.
Individual Motivators
Comprehending an associates personal or intrinsic motivators supply valuable insight into what drives them to finish the job. Salespeople are typically inspired by what matters with them, or what benefit is in alignment with their personal worths. Examples of intrinsic incentives for representatives can include recognition, the desire to win (whether cash is involved or not), fulfillment from finishing a project, and more.
Have an open discussion with your reps to understand what inspires them on a specific level.
Worths and Purpose
Those who took part in purpose-driven work, or whose personal worths align with the values of their business tend to be more determined. For salesmen, comprehending how their work develops a favorable result for the client or end-user can be more motivating than merely satisfying quota.
A method to bring this to life for your team is to share favorable evaluations with your associates if they had a current engagement with a pleased customer.
For sales associates and managers alike, comprehending how to unlock private sources of motivation is vital for the success of the sales company as a whole. Take a look at this post for actionable methods you can use to encourage your sales group.


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