VPS Security: How to Keep Your Data Secure

Are you thinking of ordering a new virtual server and questioning VPS security?

Why Use Managed Server vs. Unmanaged Server for Security?

With an unmanaged server, you have no support on your server aside from keeping the network preserved. If you have an unmanaged server, intend on doing all of the work needed to maintain your server. You will also need to provide your own specialists to solve any concerns that may emerge.

When ordering a server for VPS Hosting, you will likely exist an option in between a handled and an unmanaged server.

The primary reason to utilize a handled server vs. unmanaged server is that a managed server offers you access to an assistance team 24/7. This is exceptionally essential for VPS security since managed hosting professionals will know exactly how to manage tight spots and brand-new types of hazards.

It is essential to know your hosting options when deciding what kind of infrastructure and protected VPS assistance you will require. Here are the primary differences in between the two and how a handled VPS security system can help protect your delicate data.

Does Managed Hosting Include Updates and Patches?

With Liquid Web, our proprietary software application keeps your server updated with the most current spots to keep your VPS security system protected versus hackers. Our systems check the most recent patches and install them throughout the very best times for your business, typically after-hours.

Operating system updates are issued to patch the exploit and prevent it from being additional abused by opponents when an exploit is found. If you are utilizing unmanaged hosting, you will need to set up all updates and software application spots yourself.

With Managed Hosting with Liquid Web, your server gets routine spots and OS updates instantly. Patching is more important than ever, as core operating system covers protect your VPS hosting and stop hackers from utilizing popular exploits against your servers.

How Do Managed Server-Level Backups Work?

On a handled web server, you will have backup software offered to you to keep frequently, most likely daily, backups of your servers files in case something were to take place. These backups will be stored in the cloud, off of your server. If something were to take place to your server, you will be able to restore it to your newest restore point rapidly and with very little data loss.

Unmanaged servers do not readily provide backup applications. This implies that you will have to discover your own backup services to effectively copy data off of your server in a safe and secure style to avoid possible data loss in the future.

Do Managed Servers Come with Security Protection?

With extra VPS security functions like CloudFlare security, which can decrease server load as well as prevent DDoS attacks, Liquid Web helps makes certain your servers are safe. And with point-and-click scaling of resources, VPS Hosting can handle DDoS attacks much more readily than the majority of shared hosting.

Liquid Web can help to secure the VPS server in such a way that absolutely nothing is affected by the attack, and successfully prevent DDoS attacks. Liquid Webs group actively keeps track of network traffic and fasts to discover prospective hazards. Even while you are home sleeping, Liquid Webs tracking team watches for unusual traffic patterns and implements guidelines to safeguard your server.

Liquid Webs handled servers include basic DDoS protection. DDoS, which stands for Distributed Denial of Service, is an attack from hackers in which a server is inundated with packets with systems of information to the point where the server can not operate. DDoS protection avoids these types of attacks from taking place and has the ability to shut them down once they start. They can do this by finding unusual traffic patterns and blocking the systems of data from striking the server.

Does Managed Hosting Offer Virus Protection?

Handled hosting provides a VPS security system with strong defense from infections and other types of hacking attempts. Liquid Web handled hosting consists of ServerSecurePlus and MAD to help ward off attacks.


Liquid Webs MAD security tool avoids hackers from brute-forcing server passwords by discovering a limit of stopped working logins and blocking that IP from accessing the server for a set amount of time. This effectively stops hackers from utilizing automatic software to think passwords on your webserver to get illegitimate gain access to.

ServerSecurePlus, which can be bought at an extra cost, is an overarching security tool developed by Liquid Web to run malware scans, harden FTP guidelines, and provide real-time security intelligence. These tools consist of anti-virus software, vulnerability scans, and email infection filters.

Destructive Activity Detector (MAD).

With unmanaged servers, you wont get any of these features. Unmanaged servers are completely diy and do not consist of anti-virus and brute-force detection by default. Once again, another reason to have a handled server is the VPS security it supplies to your server and information thats unequaled by unmanaged hosting.

Do Managed Servers Have Automatic Upgrades?

Having a devoted team offered to keep track of these physical hardware threats is exceptionally crucial to keeping your server safe. Handled servers will get hardware upgrades immediately at the data.

The assistance team can instantly upgrade these physical components at an appropriate time if hardware is stopping working or becomes extremely out-of-date. Even if you need more RAM included or a larger hard disk drive, managed assistance can implement these changes.

Why Should I Choose Managed VPS Security?

Unless you have your own totally dedicated technical support group at your organization who understands VPS hosting, it makes sense to go with managed hosting. With a devoted Liquid Web monitoring group, security team, and Windows or Linux basic support, Liquid Web supports you every step of the method.

With Liquid Web, the Managed Support Team is readily available 24/7/365 via chat, e-mail, or phone to help you with any VPS hosting problems that might occur with your protected VPS server. Whether you require a password reset, a firewall guideline carried out, or have a VPS security concern, a dedicated assistance group makes a big distinction on your workload. You can merely reach out to the assistance line and get an expert technician in minutes.

Download our 20-Point Checklist for Vetting Your Next Managed Hosting Provider.

Attempt Managed VPS Hosting at Liquid Web.

With an unmanaged server, you have no assistance on your server other than keeping the network preserved. If you have an unmanaged server, plan on doing all of the work required to maintain your server. On a managed web server, you will have backup software application available to you to keep routinely, most likely daily, backups of your servers files in case something were to take place. DDoS, which stands for Distributed Denial of Service, is an attack from hackers in which a server is swamped with packages with units of information to the point where the server can not function. Once again, another factor to have a managed server is the VPS security it provides to your server and information thats unrivaled by unmanaged hosting.


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