The Problem With “Yes”

Contributed by Steve Herz, a talent representative for broadcast journalists. His new book is Do Not Take Yes For a Response: Utilizing Authority, Warmth, and Energy to Get Extraordinary Results was launched in June 2020 (Harper Business).

1. What do you mean when you say we shouldnt take “yes” for an answer?

In the book, I set out my argument that 3 elements over the previous 30 years have actually produced a synthetic sense of excellence and produced an echo chamber of “yes” for much of us– the involvement prize, grade inflation and the absence of firings by organisations, in lieu of euphemisms like reorgs and downsizings.

So the person on the incorrect end does not even know they might have done something much better. And without that signaling, we get stuck in what I call the vortex of mediocrity.

Because we do not even understand there is something to improve upon, there is no method to enhance.

2. Why did you write this book?

4 years earlier, I chose to take what I had actually learned as a talent agent, coaching on-air skill, and use it to businesspeople and organizations that had absolutely nothing to do with media (lenders, physicians, lawyers, etc)..

At a speech on 8 March 2017, somebody in the audience on International Womens Day at Bank Leumi, asked me if she could buy two copies of my book. I sadly informed her that I didnt have a book and she stated, matter of factly, “you must write one.”.

Eventually, I wrote it due to the fact that when she asked me that concern I chose I had something to state that was distinct and helpful– and ideally individuals will agree.

3. You argue that the key to success is to develop your authority, heat and energy. What are these components and how did you come to identify them?

If you have all that compound, as well as stylistic authority, youll come across as somebody others think and think in. Thats in your voice, attitude, body language, and many other things talked about in the book. And if you have stylistic warmth, youll connect with others and stimulate their trust– which is absolutely essential for any relationship.

Over my career, I observed that the individuals who were being successful at the greatest levels had influence over the space. They were able to make others like them, trust them, think in them and were inspired by them.

WONDER is a shorthand way to accomplish that– heat, authority and energy. Its intended for individuals who currently have the substantive qualities, technical proficiency, and experience.

4. How does this framework for success apply to entrepreneurs running organisations?

It uses to business owners especially given that its so crucial to attract a good staff and to retain and establish them– while also drawing in customers. In practically every service, your product resembles something else in the market, and most organisations and individuals are somewhat commoditized.

However the quality of a linked relationship built on the principles of AWE will never ever be commoditized. It will develop a cohesive faithful company with loyal consumers.

5. What are the signs that a business owner might be stuck in the “vortex of mediocrity,” as you say?

That need to be relatively obvious to the individual based upon where business remains in its life process. An entrepreneur is usually not somebody who will be satisfied with the status quo so I think this vortex is less likely for she or he personally. But the organisation might not be asking the right questions about where its item beings in the market and what can be done to improve it.

The supreme concern is: What questions am I asking myself daily and is this resulting in improvement? Or am I just going for the status quo day/week/month/ year in and year out?

6. What is the most essential thing you hope business owners will eliminate from your book?

What you dont understand can hurt you and will eventually hurt your business.

To understand that positive feedback is not something to be feared. The absence of feedback is what you ought to fear. What you dont know can injure you and will eventually hurt your business.

You argue that the key to success is to develop your authority, energy and warmth. Thats in your voice, behavior, body language, and numerous other things gone over in the book. That need to be fairly apparent to the individual based on where the business is in its life cycle. The organisation might not be asking the best questions about where its product sits in the market and what can be done to enhance it.

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