The 15 Best Contact Management Software Solutions for Nonprofits

Be honest for a minute– are you still utilizing spreadsheets to track contact info for your not-for-profit? How has that been exercising? Chances are, your company outgrew this method of contact management quickly, and the tedious job of manually tracking contact information can be affecting your fundraising efforts.

Spreadsheets cant fulfill the needs of a growing company. To continue spreading the objective of your company and growing to scale, you need a contact management option that will grow with your not-for-profit. Whether tracking partners, donors, or beneficiaries, contact management for nonprofits is really important and needs the right tools for success.

Executing a constituent relationship management (CRM) tool can simplify your interaction efforts, allowing you to save time while keeping your contact records up-to-date. Here are the very best CRM software application solutions for not-for-profit companies.

Finest Contact Management Software Solutions for Nonprofits

HubSpot CRM
Salsa CRM
NonProfitEasy by Fundly
Virtuous CRM
CRM for Nonprofits by Bitrix24
Blackbaud CRM
ClearView CRM

1. HubSpot CRM

Best for: Overall contact management tool

Cost: Free

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Virtuous deals a responsive CRM for nonprofit management. With this tool you can personalize your donor communications with thoughtful automation, enabling you to reach more contacts and amplify your fundraising efforts while conserving time.
Virtuous also has an integrated online offering platform, making it simple to flawlessly deliver individualized follow-up messages for donors to aid relationship-building.
9. Bitrix24 Nonprofit Management Software

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NonProfitEasy offers organizations the tools they require to take relationship management to the next level. With straightforward automatic communication tools, NonProfitEasy makes donor connections simple to preserve. This tool likewise has robust reporting features that enable you to precisely track and examine the information you need to make informed choices for your organization.
Through NonProfitEasy you can also manage pledge and grant programs, giving you a main place to track grant applications and provide funding.
6. Kindful

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Blackbaud uses a robust CRM option for big organizations. This tool combines CRM abilities with leading fundraising tools assisting your team turn advocates into donors. Blackbaud CRM likewise has multichannel marketing tools that support dynamic interaction efforts, direct-mail advertising programs, and an online material management system.
11. Apricot by Social Solutions

Within the Donor Management CRM tool, your group can enhance communication and relationship management efforts with your donors.
Blackbaud uses a robust CRM solution for large organizations. Blackbaud CRM likewise has multichannel marketing tools that support dynamic interaction efforts, direct mail programs, and an online content management system.
The CRM platform puts people initially and revolves around relationship-building. ClearView CRM supplies nonprofit software focused on amplifying fundraising efforts.

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Apricot by Social Solutions provides case management services for not-for-profit companies wanting to centralize their case and customer data. By offering a safe and secure, high-touch case management tool, Apricot provides valuable time back to not-for-profit employee permitting them to spend less time on admin and more time spreading the mission of their company.
12. CiviCRM

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The CRM from Kindful is an user-friendly tool produced to help you enhance your fundraising efforts and spread your companys mission. Kindful objectives to supply automation support for some of the most important jobs related to running your organization, giving you and your group more time to take full advantage of impact rather of dealing with laborious admin jobs.
Kindful likewise incorporates straight with popular applications such as Mailchimp, Stripe, PayPal, and Shopify, making it easier for your company to collect donations.
7. DonorPerfect

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Neon offers cloud-based software specifically for not-for-profit management. Developed for groups of all sizes, Neon supplies tools to assist companies maximize their fundraising efforts, handle donor interactions, simplify and improve event preparation efforts, and engage with community members.
Noteworthy features consist of automated interactions tools, a mobile-friendly user interface perfect for volunteers and occasion efforts, and versatile integrations. With a majority of their group originating from a not-for-profit background, Neon aims to supply time and resource-saving tools to help your organization attain success.
3. iMIS

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The Salsa CRM platform has a robust set of features developed for not-for-profit organizations. Significant benefits of Salsa CRM consist of thorough donor profiles, contribution tracking, automated direct-mail advertising production for fundraising, and reporting capability.
Salsa CRM enables you to deepen your relationships with donors through the creation of workflows developed to track gift prospecting. Your team can also create customized workflows to support grant and member management.
5. NonProfitEasy by Fundly

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CiviCRM is an open-source CRM that offers important functions including contact management, membership tools, in-depth reporting, peer-to-peer fundraising, and advocacy project resources. It is also fully adjustable to meet the requirements of your company, so you can check out and benefit from the features you truly need.
13. Keela

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DonorPerfect keeps all your essential donor information in one location, with a visual dashboard that can quickly align your group on the most recent donation information. In addition to smooth data management, DonorPerfect uses quick contribution processing, integrated online types, and event management tools.
The full DonorPerfect platform is likewise offered on mobile, making it simple for employee and volunteers to pull up the details they need when they need it.
8. Virtuous CRM

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Keelas not-for-profit software option is developed to help organizations enhance donor relationships, streamline communication, and evaluate appropriate data. The CRM platform puts individuals initially and revolves around relationship-building.
14. ClearView CRM

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ClearView CRM supplies nonprofit software application focused on amplifying fundraising efforts. The donor database is a main location for your organization to manage all donor information to support future and current fundraising activities. ClearView likewise provides fundraising tools that integrate straight with your donor database to keep all details up-to-date for your whole team.
15. Bloomerang

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Bitrix24 provides totally free nonprofit management software application that is complimentary for unlimited account users. This software supports donor and volunteer management, task tracking, e-mail marketing, and document management for not-for-profit companies. Within the Donor Management CRM tool, your team can streamline communication and relationship management efforts with your donors.
A significant function of Bitrix24 software is a built-in HR tool that improves management of your team.
10. Blackbaud CRM

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HubSpot CRM is an easy-to-use contact management tool for organizations of all sectors and sizes. Your group can save necessary details for all of your organizations contacts including donors and beneficiaries.
Using HubSpot CRM, you can keep all communications with contacts in one location, permitting you to quickly see all previous messages without needing to dig through your inbox or find information from former colleagues. HubSpot CRM likewise has a substantial community of combinations, enabling you to effortlessly connect your contact management tool to other pieces of software application required to run your company.
You can also utilize HubSpot CRMs email marketing feature to bulk e-mail your contacts to promote fundraising efforts or support relationships with donors.
2. Neon CRM

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Bloomerang uses donor management software created to support donor engagement and retention. Key features include a full-stack CRM for preserving all contact records for your organization, an online payment processing tool, generosity cool for potential donors, and social listening tools to monitor your organizations online existence.
Executing the right tools can make all the difference in how you run your organization. To find out more about the value of utilizing the ideal CRM, have a look at this post.

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iMIS not-for-profit software application by ASI is designed to allow organizational development. By combining contact management and web publishing, iMIS enables companies to have greater exposure of cross-functional data. Utilizing this tool your team can handle contact information, track donor engagement, enhance efficiency, and manage your organizations web presence.
4. Salsa CRM


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