Running 24/7 to Meet Medical Industry Demands

Through proactive organisation connection planning, real-time tracking, and its DELMIAworks manufacturing ERP system, Eldon James is running production 24/7 to fulfill its medical industry clients increased demand in the wake of COVID-19.

Eldon James is a world-class producer of medical tubing and connection solutions based in Colorado. Using a combination of real-time tracking, ERP, making execution system (MES), and quality management performance, the company has up-to-the-moment, accurate insights into its supply chain, production capability and effectiveness, and product quality.

Lights-Out Manufacturing Keeps Medical Component Production Running

The business is running lights-out production shifts throughout 28 injection molding makers, decreasing the need for onsite, store flooring staff members. By keeping 2 manned shifts and one lights-out shift, Eldon James is allowing production to run 24/7 to keep up with the increased need for medical tubing and connectors.

Devices at Eldon James are kept an eye on in real-time to offer feedback to the operations groups working the production shifts. Utilizing their DELMIAworks making execution functionality, engineering is able to connect with production remotely, and quality control can keep track of output and logistics to understand immediately when the product is offered and ready to deliver.

DELMIAWORKS Track and Traceability performance has become especially critical to Eldon James. It enables the company to track real-time raw material and finished excellent stock and have traceability back to the lot and batch of raw products of finished item. Additionally, it permits the maker to handle increased need for medical element parts that need outsourced sterilization.

Eldon James sent home all non-facility vital individuals to work from home– 22% of its labor force. Using the DELMIAworks (IQMS) ERP system, the producers salesforce and management group can continue their order entry and perform production planning and scheduling from offsite.

Today, Eldon James relies on its production technology financial investments to assist get rid of the obstacles of running in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eldon James Excels At Contingency And Business Continuity Planning

Supported by DELMIAworks manufacturing ERP technology, Eldon James customer care, operations, and logistics are continuing without disturbance.

Especially, Eldon James ramped up its ongoing contingency and organisation continuity strategy to take into account COVID-19s worst-case interruption to the company in early March. This helped the business get in front of numerous sales and production concerns early. This has allowed Eldon James to keep all of its employees working while guaranteeing service connection to decrease disturbances for its customers.

DELMIAWORKS Track and Traceability performance has actually ended up being especially critical to Eldon James. Notably, Eldon James ramped up its continuous contingency and organisation connection strategy to take into account COVID-19s worst-case disturbance to the service in early March. This has allowed Eldon James to keep all of its employees working while making sure service continuity to decrease interruptions for its customers.

“During COVID-19, we have actually depended on the system more than ever,” Andrea Collins, System Operations Manager at Eldon James stated.


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