Manufacturing Keeps Going Strong At Mar-Bal

These orders automatically upgrade the production schedule and generate work orders to distribute to their extensive manufacturing operations. Remote visibility of orders, inventory, and operations for their personnel at work at home and in-branch places system has actually been vital to these continued organisation operations.

While they have minimal staff at their administrative head office, manufacturing operations are almost totally staffed with the workers required to produce orders– quality, supervision and production assurance.

At Mar-bal, DELMIAworks producing software application has actually been vital to ongoing operations throughout the COVID-19 disruptions.

One of their customers has actually a validated case of the coronavirus and remains in quarantine for an indefinite period. For the staying customers, need is surging. These supply chain variations wreak havoc on Mar-Bals production scheduling.

Mar-Bal runs four production centers in The United States and Canada and a sales office in Shanghai, China. They manufacture thermoset composite products vital to the appliance, electrical distribution, and industrial marketplaces.

Mar-Bal continues production under the guidelines set forth by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. The Ohio policy, which was one of the first enacted in the US, recognizes the need for vital makers needed to continue operation to supply the state and country throughout these challenging times. Mar-Bal serves numerous industries whose ongoing operation is necessary to make it through the challenge all of us deal with.


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