Learning from the Crisis: ringDNA CEO discusses challenges and opportunities on Cheddar

Covered is how the pandemic will speed up a shift toward remote work over the next decade. Elements like the increased prevalence of partnership tools, video conferencing, a reduction in travel, an increase in quality of life, and international gain access to employees all across the world.

On Wednesday, ringDNA CEO Howard Brown signed up with Cheddar to talk about how services have actually conquered the challenges that they have dealt with in recent times.

Howard highlights remote work as not just an essential obstacle but a chance. Groups that have actually prioritized tools and technologies that enable productivity and collaboration have actually been much more successful throughout this age. Howard also goes over how your current consumers need assistance from you now more than ever.

Watch the entire video here:


0:16: How the pandemic will speed up remote work

1:32: Why communication throughout an organisation is so crucial


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