Introducing Highline BETA – a Startup Co-Creation Company

Highline BETA is something various. Were a startup co-creation business.

Today, Im introducing a new company: Highline BETA. Im co-founding Highline BETA with Marcus Daniels. Ive understood Marcus a very long time and weve stayed in touch throughout the years. Weve now discovered the right time and chance to collaborate.

What does that imply?

We bring in top-tier founders to begin business in those locations of interest. And we offer the very first financing into the start-ups.

Corporate partners + top-tier creators + early financing = better start-ups.

The Challenges of Corporate Innovation

If youre counting on development exclusively from within your business, youre dead.”– Peter Diamandis, Founder X Prize Foundation & & Co-Founder/ Executive Chairman Singularity University

We all understand the situation: large companies are getting beaten by upstarts much faster than ever before. They attempt a variety of “corporate innovation” efforts, but battle to drive significant results. This is not to state that companies shouldnt likewise innovate from within, but they cant rely specifically on their own capabilities to disrupt themselves.

De-risking Startups

On the startup side, we know that 9 out of 10 start-ups stop working. Through our corporate partners we can provide startups access to resources they seldom get early in the video game. We cant ensure success, far from it, but at the end of the day we believe that better startups, with a higher likelihood of success, will emerge out of this procedure.

Pre-Seed Funding at the Right Time

Lastly, we come to financing., which just recently completed two years of investing (you can find out more about their fund performance to-date through this infographic), stood out at the pre-seed stage in Canada. Early financing is a critical component of getting start-ups setup for success. Ive seen it myself with 15+ angel financial investments, and Marcus (who ran understands this extremely well too. So part of Highline BETAs objective is to provide pre-seed/seed stage financing to start-ups. Well be buying start-ups we co-create and others too.

Start-up Co-Creation FTW

Were not the very first to come up with the idea of startup co-creation, but its still very brand-new, and there are numerous ways of going about it. Were likewise not a company or service business. And although I cant divulge a lot of details today, were currently working with a couple of extraordinary business to move them along the path of startup co-creation.

Start-up co-creation = business partner + founders + financing + us

Weve started companies and held different roles inside early phase start-ups. We think we can bring large business and founders together in a method that hasnt been done in the past, and provide the right mentorship, shows and guidance to drive startup success. Success for Highline BETA is about producing great new start-ups that were sparked through relationships with large, corporate partners, marrying 2 worlds that require to find a better method of working together.

On the startup side, we understand that 9 out of 10 startups stop working. And although I cant disclose a lot of details today, were already working with a few unbelievable companies to move them along the path of startup co-creation.

Highline BETA is the conclusion of several years of learning throughout various disciplines, which belongs to why Im so thrilled about it. I like the concept of dealing with lots of fantastic people (creators, executives and intrapreneurs), solving huge problems, investing, leveraging my product management and start-up accelerator experience, and more. Success for Highline BETA has to do with producing terrific brand-new start-ups that were sparked through relationships with big, corporate partners, weding two worlds that require to find a much better method of collaborating.

Marcus and I have been working with start-ups for almost 20 years. We Run bothve accelerator programs. Weve invested. Weve started business and held numerous functions inside early phase start-ups. We think we can bring big business and founders together in such a way that hasnt been done in the past, and supply the best mentorship, shows and assistance to drive startup success. And we will not be doing it alone. Well be constructing a group of people that share our vision and technique.


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