Interroll Wins Big Crossbelt Sorter Contract in North America

3rd July 2020

Swiss conveying roller professional Interroll says it has gotten a big order from a leading e-commerce platform in North America. The order consists of the supply of vertical crossbelt sorter systems for 12 locations and amounts to a double-digit million United States dollar volume. The sorter systems will be installed at both brand-new and current end user centers throughout the United States.
Increased consumer need by means of e-commerce combined with the increasing urgent requirement to adhere to social distancing requirements throughout the COVID-19 outbreak produced the need to broaden the consumers existing circulation facilities rapidly. Interrolls streamlined mechanical crossbelt platform sorter design made it possible for completion user and system integrators involved to plan with a six-month lead time. Interroll got orders for 12 websites with one system per site, amounting in total to a double-digit million US dollar volume.
” The Interroll vertical crossbelt sorter has been picked for its exceptional performance and tested success with massive projects in the American courier, express, and parcel market,” says Richard Keely, Executive Vice President Americas and member of the Interroll Group Management. “Moreover, the little footprint, throughput of 8,000 per hour through each single induction, in addition to handling a wide range of items have been definitive consider being awarded this excellent opportunity.”


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