How to Raise Money Instantly for Your Startup

Founder, delighted: JCal, I just got some guidance from a consultant that I should call my very first round of moneying a pre-seed round so that the optics are clean when I opt for my Seed Round and Series A.

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Angel: It s irrelevant, all of it.

Exterior, San Francisco s SOMA district, 2 geeks, strolling quickly. Tents, traffic, and trash everywhere.

Creator, more fired up: you understand in case I put on t have product-market fit and financiers think we re a zombie startup trapped between our Seed and Series A funding.

Angel: Hmmm.

Creator, puzzled: My startup? The guidance?

Angel: All that matters, is the chart.

But what journalists, talk show hosts, and directors know about hanging off the side of a rock is vastly different than what Alex Honnold knows.

After introducing the 200+ founders I ve bought to thousands of other financiers, here is the primary thing that has actually resulted in them to (a) getting a meeting and (b) getting several term sheets: a chart that doubles every three to 6 months.

Creators get too much free suggestions these days, most of it from folks who have never ever developed or bought a billion dollar company. Any guidance you obtain from somebody who has actually not been included in a unicorn startup is mostly irrelevant if you are attempting to construct a unicorn startup.

If you have an income chart that doubles every six months or less, like Uber, Calm, Thumbtack, Robinhood, Trello, Fitbod and LeadIQ, you will be tripping over all the venture cash on your doorstep.


If you wish to raise capital for your startup, there are many books and article for you to read, but you must arrange those words into 2 buckets: folks who have developed or purchased unicorns and folks who haven t.

Candidly, the majority of what I believed I knew before buying seven unicorns was incorrect or unimportant. If you wish to comprehend what it s like to climb up El Capitan you can interview individuals who have done it, and as a journalist, conference impresario and podcast host, I did my share of asking questions.

Are there other factors than the chart that VCs invest? Yes!

Can you have the chart and have VCs pass on investing? Yes!

Can you utilize unsustainable growth techniques and phony the chart? Yes! (but I wear t encourage it).

Is having a chart that doubles your best possibility at raising capital? Yes!

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Best, Jason.

PS The scene above is 100% true, except it s a composite of 3 various discussions I had this week that I bundled together and took liberties with.

PPS If you have $5,000 to $50,000 in earnings a month and wish to 100x it and develop a unicorn, email your story and chart to

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Creator, confused: My start-up? The Pre-Seed Round? The recommendations? Can you use unsustainable growth strategies and phony the chart? (however I wear t encourage it).

February 22, 2019February 22, 2019.

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