How to create a useful FAQ page

When creating or redesigning a website, its often the homepage that gets many of the attention. Then the services and product pages. The FAQ page is normally neglected or dealt with as an afterthought.
However why ignore a page that can help address your prospects issues and questions, reduce buying stress and anxieties and reassure them theyre making the ideal decision to purchase from you?
If you dont have a FAQ page, kept reading as we share some tips and guidance on how to create and get the most out of this often-forgotten page on many sites.
What is a FAQ page and why is it helpful?
FAA stands for frequently asked questions. The FAQ page is a website page that includes brief and helpful answers to typical consumer questions.
The goal of this page is to attend to common concerns, concerns, and objections that clients might have, and make them feel more confident buying from you.
Here are 2 examples of how it looks, one from an online shop and another one from a learning platform that offers courses online:


If you sell service or products online, having a FAQ page is useful for a variety of factors:

It saves you time needing to respond to the same customer concerns over and over again.
It saves your clients time given that they do not have to connect to you each time they have a question or issue.
It provides fast responses and details no matter where they are in the getting journey– whether theyve simply discovered your site and wish to find out more about where you source your items or how you operate, or require help using their purchase.
It constructs trust and enhances consumer experience.
It can aid with your search engine optimisation efforts since numerous people look up “how to” questions on Google. This can result in brand-new traffic and potential customers to your website.

How to choose which questions to include in your FAQ
There are lots of locations where you can search for concepts on what to include in your FAQ page. Start with these three key places:
Your customers direct concerns
Your email inbox, social networks inbox and client support tickets ought to be the first places to search for questions to attend to in your FAQ.
You can even go through the customer reviews published on your social networks to see whether there are any repeating concerns to think about. For example, a consumer may discuss something like “Be mindful that the t-shirts are a size smaller than your typical size” or “a 15″ laptop will not suit the knapsack”.
So, evaluate all those questions and make a list with the ones that keep appearing. You can even take it one step even more and attempt to anticipate follow-up questions that may pop-up. If a consumer asks for a refund, theyll not only want to understand the steps to follow but likewise how long itll take for them to get their cash back.
Next, group your concerns under classifications like “Payment”, “Refunds and returns”, “Shipping”, so your consumers can quickly jump to the classification theyre interested in.
Your rivals FAQs
If youre a brand-new business or require some motivation on how to improve your FAQ, you can constantly check out your competitors FAQs to get some ideas on what to include in yours.
Groups and online forums in your specific niche
See groups and forums like reddit, Quora, and Facebook groups that are relevant to your organisation and market and see what types of questions people are asking.
Simply go to any of these sites, type a question, keyword or topic thats related to your organisation and offering and see what comes up.
Heres an example from Quora:

This can give you some excellent ideas of popular topics, concerns and concerns that you might wish to cover in your FAQ.
Tips to produce a helpful FAQ page
Your FAQ page need to be really simple to find on your site and should also make it basic for clients to find the answers theyre looking for. To aid with that, here are a few crucial things to think about:
Make it easy to find
Include it to your navigation menu or your sites header or footer so its simple to find by anybody who visits your site.


You can likewise add a link to your FAQ page on your product and services pages.
Organise your concerns into categories
Dont simply note all the concerns and answers on a page. Instead, organise whatever into classifications so consumers can rapidly leap to the one theyre interested in.
Some typical classifications to include are:

Shipment and payment
Delivering details
Refunds and returns
Product details
Technical concerns
Contact information

Write questions in the very first person
Formulate the concerns just as your clients would inquire if they were to reach out to you through social networks or a call. Or, even better, utilize your clients precise words.
Integrating the words and phrases that your clients are using is a great technique to get in touch with your audience.
Check out this example from the Bergfreunde online shop:

Write clear answers
You d be shocked how numerous FAQs avoid providing a straight response or consist of confusing directions that make it hard for users to understand the info.
Attempt your finest to keep your responses short and clear. Describe the actions to buying an item or getting a refund. Describe precisely what the customer requires to do next and what to expect from you.
Program some character
Your FAQ page can be a great opportunity to connect with your audience and reveal a little bit of your brands character. So treat it much like you do any other page on your site or any post you share on social networks. Its another way to connect with your clients so make sure you take benefit.
Finishing up
Its unfortunate that the FAQ page is frequently an afterthought for lots of websites, considering the many benefits it can bring to a business. Ensure you provide it try utilizing the pointers and advice in this post. Collect consumers concerns in a list, organise them into classifications and try your finest to come up with answers that are not only clear and easy-to-understand however likewise display a bit of your brands character.

The product and services pages. The FAQ page is normally overlooked or treated as an afterthought.
Your FAQ page can be a fantastic chance to link with your audience and reveal a bit of your brands personality. Treat it simply like you do any other page on your website or any post you share on social media. Its regrettable that the FAQ page is frequently an afterthought for many sites, considering the numerous benefits it can bring to an organisation.


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