How This Newly Launched Shopify Store Made $7388 Sales in 11 Days

Let me be clear, you dont need to be a genius or a master to be successful. Im certainly not. I just have an aspiration, like you, with a substantial drive to produce my own legacy..

— Specific: My “S” is: “I wish to make $5000 in sales”. “Make as much cash as possible” is far from specifying. I avoid all basic things like that.

Simply make sure that you put the work in and attempt as best as you can. Be unstoppable..

SIDENOTE: Because there are a lot of tutorials out there outlining how to discover a winning product, Ill avoid this in my story. Read How to pick the best products to sell online if you still do not understand. I followed some tips in this guide and finally, discovered my winner: Pet accessories..

Rate: 7-day free trial, then $30/month.

To show this is true, we sat down with Mike Turner (Shopify store owner at to talk about his success in selling online. 6 months ago, he made sales worth $108,000 in overall.

This doesnt mean everybody can build an effective online service and 3X their income. Rather, if you know how to do things in properly and try as much as you can, you have a big opportunity to make it..

— Attractive: A goal has to motivate you. “Make $5000 in sales” will not help me become a rich guy, but thats not the point.

( Now, with some experience, its more obvious to me why I had no opportunity at all back then. I was too distracted and didnt concentrate on anything.).

When I started my company, I chose to set my objectives extremely clearly. In the best case, one objective at a time..

Apart from style and apps, I paid much attention to product description too. Here was what I did:.

Then, I followed these guides: How to develop an online shop and How to design an online shop– Best eCommerce website design practices to customize the style. Extremely detailed and beneficial, especially for Shopify beginners..

In Oct 2017, Ive been introducing and developing my very first Shopify shop called After 3 months of running it, I made $1082 in earnings.

I stopped my 9-to-5 job and spent 100% of my time growing my store. Its worth..

Checkout Boost.

Once again, my friend told me that I would require this app. He discussed that it was good for decreasing deserted carts. I stated, “OK, Ill include it to my app list”..

— Realistic: “Make $5000 in sales” isnt my life objective. Its simply a short-term objective that I wish to get. It would imply I have to offer over 180 products (180 if providing a 20% discount rate). I didnt see any problems with accomplishing it.

I wish to grow my eCommerce store and make $5000 in sales in 11 days.

With these in mind, I created my S.M.A.R.T objective:.

When implementing this $5000 strategy, I restored my store..

Okay, ready? Lets go.

Whoever stated that its difficult to earn money with an eCommerce shop hasnt done all the things they can do..

In the start, my shop looked dreadful. Low website speed. Bad image quality. Text-heavy descriptions. Many of the time purchases I got originated from my friends (and their pals)..

I really think that most of us have the prospective to become an effective entrepreneur. Despite the fact that I began my Shopify store not so long ago, I never doubted my belief..

This story will detail all of the work that I did to take my store from nothing into a successful Shopify shop. Whatever from planning, developing my store to applying marketing methods, to get $7388 in sales in only 11 days. Its all in here..

My good friend informed me to install this app. He said it would assist encourage my visitors to finish their orders. I still dont know how to use the app, however I installed it anyway..

In the past, I usually jumped from one objective to another. I even had 10-15 goals at as soon as. I didnt attain any of them..

… fortunately (and suddenly), this strategy assisted me struck roughly $7388.

Optimize item description for mobile viewing. I did this due to the fact that I realized I had a lot of mobile consumers.

Things first, plan to make $5000 sales in 11 days.

This app provides smart recommendations like “bought this also purchased”, “best sellers of the store”, “just recently viewed & & featured recommendations”, etc. It may be useful later on..

Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make info easy to scan and skim.

How will you know when you obtain your objective? Thats why I specifically stated “$ 5000” in my objective.

After leaving my full-time job, I had more spare time. Thus, I set a very concrete objective for my brand-new shop to keep myself hectic..

Price: 7-day free trial, then $19/month.

For the initial setup of my store, I didnt have any app. For this store website tune-up, I installed the following:.

Today Liam will show you his strategies of how precisely he got this quantity– in his own words.

— Time-bound: Without a due date, setting a goal is just messing around. Knowing this, I had to ensure the time for reaching my objective is long enough to be realistic. Nearly two weeks (11 days) seemed OKAY for me.

Price: Free.

Use videos to help shoppers rapidly grab how my items work and their advantages..

It looked excellent up until now, and … a bit risky. However Im prepared to aim for my objective..

In 11 days, I built a strategy to make $5000 sales. And you understand what? That strategy wound up resulting in $7388 in my store revenue..

Increase Sales.

Price: 15-day free trial, then $27/month.

At that time, it was a huge success, however I understood I could do better. I set the bar higher since I desired to go larger..

To create a specific goal for my store, I followed a common practice: S.M.A.R.T. Here was what I documented on my notebook:.

Countdown Cart.

Develop a Shopify shop– do right from the start.

Personalized Recommendation.

Its a paid app, however it is among the very best upselling and cross-selling Shopify apps. I decided to provide it a try..

I scrolled through all complimentary themes on the Shopify Theme Store however couldnt discover one that had the options I was searching for. I bought a style for $160.

Perfect! I could start selling and shipping!

I didnt provide up. I gave myself the 3rd day to attempt once again. I researched on effective Shopify stores, read their cases research studies, and searched for what makes them different..

No marketing background, no sales skill..

I had no idea how I might do this.

The very first 2 days, I got ZERO sales. An ideal service strategy however now what?

In the last part of this story, Ill tell you all golden nuggets and what I did to fine-tune them. You can take them. Easy. Simple..

Time to promote my shop and make sales..

I tweaked and then used them to my store. The results? I made a surprisingly $7388 sales within the remaining 8 days of screening (remember my objective was simply $5000). Amazing?

What I did to get this wasnt magic. I didnt throw any cent to social networks advertisements..

I found 4 golden nuggets..

So I started checking out as various eCommerce marketing blogs as I could (like other newbies really). I tried every method that they stated..

Apply marketing tactics to get first sales (and hit goals).

1. Add some seriousness and shortage to require customers to buy.

This tactic brought me a lot of sales..

As people, we always desire what we cant have (me included). Thats why urgency and shortage marketing has actually been trending. Sales groups love them– since they work (so well).

The second golden nugget:.

When I developed my store (recall that I installed the Countdown Cart app), I knew this. However I didnt understand how to utilize it..

Then, I stole their strategies and added the following to each of my item pages:.

Included a countdown timer to let shoppers know how much time theyve delegated make a purchasing decision..
Included a countdown stock to alert shoppers of scarce items..
Used widgets to reveal the variety of visitors seeing a product and the variety of offered products.

While browsing on the Internet, I encountered a store called Peperpline. I noticed they were utilizing seriousness and shortage..

I had actually spent two hours determining how they did that, and remarkably, they used Countdown Cart too..

2. Program a 10-second discount popup to lure newbie customers.

I had limited development resources, so on the day my store was featured, I established a Smart Bar that appeared like this:.

And it didnt stop at email customers. I also got 83 brand-new clients who purchased at least one product from my store.

I wished to see if there was a way to transform all that traffic and attention into more than just short-term visitors..

This simple little bar assisted me:.

Then, I tried something a little various (and more fun), compared to effective shops I check out, simply to see what would happen..

So far, Ive gotten 1646 e-mail customers.

Benefit-driven CTA: Highlight the main call to action button using a contrasting color and benefit-driven copy like “Get My 50% Off”..

Discount offer: Keep it simple and think of what my prospective clients want. I utilized three words: “Get 50% Off”.

I produced this bar in a few clicks using SiteKit. I didnt have to install any other app..

It worked.

Here is my high-converting discount rate popup:.

Transform 3% of all Beeketing referrals into new consumers (this related to over $1034 in sales).
Broaden word of mouth and social media attention to my shop a lot more.

All it takes is a one-time setup to gain continuous results. Money!

When designing this popup, I concentrated on 3 key conversion components:.

At this time, my goal was to direct more visitors to my shop and (ideally) transform them into my paying clients quicker.

There are lots of popup concepts and suggestions out there. Not all of them fit my business.

I chose to create just one 10-second discount popup using the complimentary SiteKit tool to convert visitors into email customers … and email subscribers into $$$ money in my pocket.

Description: Tell individuals more about the benefits of offering their email address. I wished to offer worth, not spam.

I understood this because I checked a lot. I think in easy, not something expensive..

This data was from 11 days that I am telling you alone. Over the past 5 months, this Smart Bar has actually continued to convert visitors into brand-new consumers..

Then, I installed SiteKit to develop the popup:.

The idea for this experiment in fact concerned me after was featured on Beeketing.

I wished to increase the conversion rate for sales. Who doesnt want more sales for the exact same quantity of traffic, right?

It took me two minutes to finish the setup. The finest part? It dealt with autopilot EVERY. SINGLE. DAY (till now I even got sales from this popup)..

3. Use an irresistible exit-intent popup to lower abandoned carts.

Naturally. But I didnt feel frustrated. Instead, I made a strategy to convert abandoned cart shoppers into my real customers..

Consumers added a product to their cart on my store.

I received a lot of abandoned carts. They were even more than the number I believed.

A hail mary popup is the offer you make when everything else youve tried to do have actually stopped working to convert the user, either straight into a client or even into a lead or customer.– Aaron Beashel.

Heres how it worked:.

To do this, I used the Checkout Boost app I installed early on to develop a hail mary popup..


2. When somebody attempted to leave his cart, the hail mary popup revealed up offering him a sweet offer.

3. After he clicked the Checkout button, he was directed to the Checkout page with free shipping deal.

And 32 individuals converted and declared the discount rate into sales.

Since he got free shipping, my customer was happy. Since he made an order and I got … cash, I am delighted too. Win-win..

Given that setting this hail mary popup, my deserted cart rate reduced by 25%..

This set-and-forget popup keeps working for me over and over again whenever brand-new clients attempt to abandon their cart..

4. Upsell and cross-sell items to increase average order worth.

” How could you know what you should upsell?”.

Its called upselling and cross-selling strategies..

For the upsell items, I revealed them:.

To make it short: I made $7388 sales in overall.

I digger deeper into all effective Shopify shops, and fortunately, I discovered a super-effective technique. The majority of the 6-figure shops have used it a lot..

Develop a Buy One, Get One For A Discount (BOGO) deal. “That shirt will look excellent on your pet. Why not get another for 30% off?”.

When someone clicked the Checkout button in the cart page, one last up-sell deal would appear to recommend him more products he might want to include before having a look at.

After somebody added a product to his cart.

To use this method, I worked with the Boost Sales app. In the beginning, I didnt understand what this app was suggested for and how to utilize it.

With them, I reached my target and increased my average order worth (AOV) by 35%..

Function “you and your buddy” products. “You got something for your pet … now, why not make your friends happy, too?”.

The Quick View feature is incorporated in the Boost Sales app. I actually like it due to the fact that my customers can see more comprehensive about an item and include it to their cart without having to go to the item page. This also improved the checkout circulation on my store, and so purchasing experience for my shoppers.

Excellent question. Below I have some ideas for you in case you dont have an apparent upgrade.

In case you do not understand what they are, I suggest you read this: How to utilize upselling and cross-selling strategies to get more sales for your online stores.

Promote associated or recommended products. “People who bought this also bought: Cutest summer season body t-shirt for your pet.” Set Up the Personalized Recommendation app to do this.

After doing all of the methods above, I couldnt attain my $5000 objective..

For the cross-sell items, I displayed them in the Quick View– when someone clicks a product to view the information:.

The last sales result.

The pupworld travel bottle and the mobile pet dog bottle are cross-selling.

Offer MORE of something. “Why not get your family pet a brand-new leash set?”.

11 days– this was an exciting time.

Your turn.

Never ever offer up– it sounds cliche to say however theres a lot truth in it.

Now, its time for you to put the lesson into practice. Copy Liams techniques, A/B test, and check which one brings you sales. If you want to share, remark below

To show this is real, we sat down with Mike Turner (Shopify store owner at to talk about his success in selling online. This story will information all of the work that I did to take my shop from nothing into a successful Shopify store. Whatever from preparation, developing my store to using marketing tactics, to get $7388 in sales in just 11 days. In the beginning, my shop looked dreadful. I fine-tuned and then used them to my shop.

I started with a shop which didnt get lots of sales. I conquered bad days, found out from previous errors, and put in the difficult work, then I discovered my success.

Its filled with new things to find out and challenges that truly engaged me.


I set a high goal and forced me to work more difficult and smarter..


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