How Sales Technology Can Strengthen the Human Touch in Selling

We can no longer drop by to see a customer, fulfill a prospect for lunch, or fly to another city for a face-to-face conference. More and more selling is now being conducted over the phone and through email.
And this isnt a short-term trend. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that “a new normal has developed for services of all sizes throughout almost all industries, with modifications most likely to sustain even after COVID-19 is a thing of the past.” We may have lost a couple of tools from our sales tool kit, but were going to change them with brand-new ones that we can utilize to build relationships and advance the sale.
Humanize Your Selling Strategy
With these new constraints, lots of salesmen feel as though theyre forced to deal with one hand tied behind their back. Theyve been robbed of the ability to use human touch in the sales procedure. Nevertheless, many salespeople are leveraging innovation to remain engaged with potential customers and clients.
Technology does not have to be cold and sterile. When used efficiently, you can utilize innovation to add human touch back into the sales procedure. Here are a few ideas:
Video Calls
Even if you cant have an in-person conference doesnt mean that your interactions with potential customers and clients are restricted to audio and text. By now, many of us have actually experienced online conferences with our internal groups using programs like Teams or Zoom. The efficiency of these programs isnt limited only to meetings with large groups of colleagues. They also work well with one-on-one interactions.
Instead of picking up the phone, welcome your potential customers and customers to join you for a brief online conference. You can offer them the alternative of keeping the video switched off if they d like, however do not hesitate to keep your video going. Findings from a recent study carried out by Lifesize (a company of video conferencing systems) show that there are numerous benefits, including:

98% of respondents state that video assists with relationship-building
90% of participants say video makes it much easier to get their point throughout

Embedded Video in Email Communications
If you cant get that very first conference or even get the prospect to address your call, prospecting for brand-new service and attempting to engage brand-new contacts can be challenging– specifically. Email might be your only remaining opportunity. But your email does not have to resemble every other sales email your possibility gets.
One application that makes embedding and creating video into your emails is Vidyard. Their research indicates that consisting of the word “video” in the subject line of an email increases the open rate by 19%, and the open-to-reply rates increase 8x when a video is consisted of in an email.
The fantastic aspect of developing a video is that you can script out exactly what you wish to state and how you wish to say it. You can then rehearse your interaction, and if you dont like the way your video ends up after the first shoot, you can just hit “delete” and attempt it again.
Email Customization
If youre going to depend on e-mail for your prospecting, then make certain your messages dont look like spam. If your possibility believes theyre one of thousands who have actually received the very same message from you, they will be extremely fast to send it to the delete folder.
Potential customers need to know that you understand their company, so your e-mails must be tailored for each individual possibility. This can be time-consuming and very labor-intensive unless you utilize a sales enablement tool like HubSpot Sales Professional. One of the advantages of using HubSpot Sales Professional is that it assists you make your “one-to-many” emails look more like “one-to-one” e-mails. They allow this with customization tokens you embed into email templates.
The customization tokens permit you to include tailored material to any e-mail. The token determines details from specified CRM information fields and pulls it into an email message. This can consist of:

The prospects name
Their business name
Their city or state
Any other nugget of information that you keep in a specified CRM field

Your e-mail does not have to be like every other sales email your possibility gets.
Their research suggests that including the word “video” in the subject line of an e-mail increases the open rate by 19%, and the open-to-reply rates increase 8x when a video is included in an e-mail.
Prospects want to know that you know their company, so your emails should be personalized for each individual prospect. One of the advantages of using HubSpot Sales Professional is that it assists you make your “one-to-many” e-mails look more like “one-to-one” emails. It provides you real-time notices of when your possibility opens your e-mail, clicks on a link, views your video, or sees your website.

Open/Click Notifications
Another benefit of the HubSpot Sales Professional tool is that it supplies excellent actionable intelligence concerning the digital behavior of your potential customers. It offers you real-time notices of when your prospect opens your email, clicks a link, views your video, or visits your website. These insights assist you prioritize your prospecting activity and enhance your possibility of engaging the possibility when you call.
Theyre most likely sitting at their desk and offered to get your call if you call them when theyre seeing your site or reading your email. Sales can become impersonal and lose the human touch when were forced to leave voice mail messages. But calling at just the best time with just the right message will improve your capability to engage with the prospect and add a more human touch back into your sales activities.


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