How Monoflo International Is Helping to Contain COVID-19

Today, Monoflos containers are assisting pharmaceutical and medical companies in their battle against COVID-19 by making it easier to get needed materials across their supply chains to centers and treatment areas rapidly.

Monoflo International, Inc. is a leading producer of recyclable totes, pallets, and customized size plastic items utilized across a range of markets including e-commerce, medical and pharmaceutical sellers, and logistics operations. Differentiated by its distinct, interchangeable container and pallet design, Monoflo International has the ability to quickly adjust its containers and pallets to fulfill the requirements of a range of industries.

Realtime insights enable company connection during COVID-19

For more than a decade, Monoflo has actually utilized the DELMIAworks making ERP system to track order cycles, general production efficiency, and production data. Staff members can log in to any of the workstations on the shop flooring, discover their machine, and get information on the current running time, staying production requirements, and specifics related to each order they are producing. The realtime insights throughout the company made it possible for by DELMIAworks have actually helped with Monoflos capability to support customers with less onsite workers even as orders have actually increased throughout COVID-19.

Numerous of the food and drug retailers, along with online sellers, that use Monoflos containers in their logistics operations are turning to the manufacturer to help them fulfill a quick rise in need for certain products in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the fact that Monoflos operations were prepared in advance, both in regards to its treatments and technology, the maker was all set to support the spike in demand from its retail customers even as work-at-home policies were being carried out. For example, staffing constraints connected to the COVID-19 pandemic made it have needed to reallocate resources. Monoflo has counted on DELMIAworks to factor this restriction into its operations. At the exact same time, shop-floor automation is offering relief from some onsite staffing needs.


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