Google Drive vs. Evernote

The internet has plenty of alternatives worth checking out. Some tools might require payment or deal upgrades for premium variations, however there are a number of that are totally free to use..

Whether keeping an eye on projects and tasks at work, listening to a presentation for a class, a training course or simply managing your daily to-dos, youre most likely somebody who takes notes.

And if youre someone whos ever misplaced or downright lost one (or a number of) of those notes, youre not alone. Losing notes is such a typical problem that its led a number of companies to create note-taking software and tools that are designed to help users arrange all their notes in one place..

You know you wrote it down someplace, however youre unsure where, and now you require it however dont have it.

2 of the most popular note-taking tools in todays market are Google Drive and Evernote. Both use some terrific features that can help enhance your efficiency, however which one might be finest suited for your individual requirements?

Evernote has likewise made sharing easy. Anyone can see files you send them whether they have an Evernote account..

( Googles advanced search capabilities make finding files a breeze.).

And for those with Android phones, scanning documents is a breeze. Simply use your mobile phone electronic camera to take a picture and Google Drive will quickly convert essential paper documents such as bank declarations or receipts to PDFs on your Drive.

With Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google has provided its totally free variations of Microsoft Offices three most popular tools: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with much of the very same functions.

While they have not quite hit a billion users yet, Evernote is adept of a note-taking tool with more than 225 million users around the world and its simple to see why.

Possibly most helpful of its special functions, Evernotes Web Clipper makes it a breeze to clip anything from the web on any gadget– despite web browser. Snippets of articles, screenshots, and whole web pages can rapidly be clipped and conserved with just a few clicks..


Is a file just for your eyes, or are you ready to collaborate with others on a file? In any case, Google Drive makes it incredibly simple to keep files private, show individuals, or show a whole group in a public folder.

Having surpassed one billion– with a “b”– users in 2018, and with more than two trillion– with a “t”– files kept on the file-hosting service, Google Drive is the industry leader in note-taking and file management software.

Similar to Google Drive, Evernote is a fantastic tool to save all your content in one place and has lots of rich format choices as well as the ability to add attachments.

Google Drive also provides an app called Forms, which makes it possible for users to rapidly create, send out, and track studies with an online type, and view the results in an easy-to-digest spreadsheet.

Need to keep a quick list? Have a look at Evernotes To-do list function, which permits you to manage tasks for anything from small items to large tasks to assist keep you on schedule.

Another excellent thing about Google Drive is that in between your computer and the mobile app, you can access your Drive anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to a tablet, computer, or mobile phone ..

Concealed within these features is another yet another feature created to make life easier. All Google Docs, Sheets and Slides provide the capability to restore previous versions of files. You can examine the modification history on just about any document and discover the version you want, then simply restore it to go back to that variation of the document.

Final Comparison: Google Drive vs. Evernote.

Like Google Drive, Evernote and your files can be accessed from any gadget..

There are two superior variations of Evernote readily available, but its totally free to get started and its free variation is loaded with sufficient amazing functions for most average Joes and Joesphines.

Google Drive.

Who has access to your files, what kind of gain access to they have– you can set view, remark or edit– and when they have access to it. These approvals can be changed or reversed at any time..

Filled with features, Google Drive is available to anybody with a G: Suite account and affords users 15GB of totally free storage to use to save their Drive, Gmail, pictures, attachments, and other files.

And what may be most beneficial about Googles three most-used apps, is Googles capability to browse all of them simultaneously for keywords. This can make discovering the file you require something you can achieve in just a few seconds.

Likewise special to Evernote is the capability to record and conserve audio notes straight from your phone or computer system. Its even established to work with Google Assistant and Siri..

Now that you know what makes Google Drive and Evernote useful note-taking tools, which should you pick for your next job or project?

Concealed within these features is another yet another feature designed to make life simpler. All Google Docs, Sheets and Slides offer the capability to restore previous versions of files. You can inspect the revision history on simply about any document and find the variation you want, then just restore it to return to that version of the file.

Google Drive may offer a benefit if youre working on a team. Its extremely easy to add teammates to a job or assignment, and the ability to bring back previous variations of files can be a beneficial benefit not just for going back to old versions of a file, but seeing what modifications were made to a file by which collaborators and when they were made..

Download both and see which you prefer. And if you still cant decide, feel totally free to reach out.

If youre searching for a note-taking tool more for personal use than to team up with others, Evernote may have the upper hand. Its built-in Web Clipper tool makes clipping anything from the web incredibly basic and the audio recording tool is great for when you want to tape-record an idea and review it later..

With both Google Drive and Evernote complimentary to use, and both utilizing SSL to safeguard your documents and sensitive info, theres no harm in screening each out to see which tool works best for your requirements. So download both and see which you choose. And if you still cant choose, feel complimentary to connect. Were always delighted to help.

While both have their advantages, you cant truly go wrong with either..


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