Finding Your Inspiration

Creators need motivation. I believe most creators have a deep well of inspiration within them that theyre able to draw from as needed. Otherwise they would not be able to survive. Thats not constantly enough– founders require to discover motivation outside of themselves.

Recently I began viewing Chefs Table on Netflix. The parallels between being a chef and business owner are extraordinary. The stress, stress, downs and ups, motivation, enthusiasm, aspiration, ego. Its all in there. The second episode (Season 1) in specific with Dan Barber was extraordinary. Hes trying to change how individuals believe and eat about food. Hes as mission and vision-driven as they come.

Heres a trailer for Season 1:

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Creators need inspiration. I think most founders have a deep well of inspiration inside of them that theyre able to draw from as needed. Thats not always enough– founders require to find inspiration outside of themselves.

It turns out motivation comes from all over the location. Even if youre not incredibly into food, Chefs Table is motivating– however if youre into food and viewing people push insanely hard to best their craft, see the show.


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