Down-Selling: the Art of Strategic Compromise and Salvaging Sales

Mick Jagger said it completely, “You cant always get what you want.”
The world around you is going to throw you curveballs. Absolutely nothing is promised, and in most cases, youre going to need to adjust to scenarios that dont go according to strategy.

That facility– not constantly getting what you want and needing to adjust– is the basis for a sales practice referred to as down-selling. Its the art of tactically presenting prospects on their escape the door with financially practical options that keep them interested.
Down-selling is a skill every sales representative must have in their repertoire. Its a method to restore prospective deals and extract some worth from disinterested prospects that were preparing on jumping ship entirely.
Down-selling can take on a range of forms, and the technique that works finest for you will depend upon the nature of your company. Still, its a crucial concept to have a grasp on. Here, well get viewpoint on what down-selling is, some examples of what it may look like, and an image of its benefits and potential pitfalls.

What is down-selling?

Down-selling is the method of countering a possibilitys price-based objections to a sale by providing a lower-priced alternative or discount that better matches their budget plan. When a possibility has actually clearly indicated they arent interested in purchasing, its normally only used.

Down-selling ought to only be employed when youre definitely certain your prospect isnt going to buy the service or product you initially offered at a specific rate point. They might have explicitly stated that they do not have the budget plan for that preliminary offering or, in the case of mediums like ecommerce, they might stop taking a look at or looking into the item.
The key here is to only down-sell when theyve hit that point. You dont wish to do it too early. If your possibility is still legally mulling over whether they d like to buy your higher-priced services or product, suddenly presenting a lower-priced option might undermine your possible sale or puzzle that possibility and make them reject your offerings completely.
Examples of Down-Selling
Recommending Different Products
Say you deal with the sales flooring of a high-end automobile dealership. Youre courting a prospect to buy a completely loaded design of a brand-new SUV with leather massage seats, surround sound speakers, a touch screen embedded in the dashboard, and all sort of other bells and whistles. After mindful consideration and discussion, they decide that the cars and truck is out of their cost variety.
Because case, you would not just let them walk, you would most likely try to down-sell them. You may take them to look at the previous years model– or possibly an alternative with less superfluous functions.
If a possibility demonstrates an interest in a product with an aversion to its cost, you need to down-sell. In this case, that would mean physically leading them to an affordable alternative, comparable to what they were searching for in the very first location.
Abandoned Cart Emails
State you operate a website that offers reconditioned mobile phones. You have a possibility who put an iPhone 11 in their cart– just to desert it prior to purchase.
In doing so, they demonstrated that they are no longer interested in that design. One method to down-sell would be to send them a cart abandonment e-mail, providing a link to an earlier model or a discount code for a future purchase.
Heres an example of an outstanding cart desertion email from Etsy:

Image Source: Etsy
When running an organisation mainly through ecommerce, abandoned cart e-mails are an outstanding down-selling safeguard to have in place.
Worth Packages with Specific Emphasis
This specific approach isnt precisely a traditional example of down-selling. Lets assume youre selling a subscription-based marketing automation software application for organisations of any size. There is a specific membership choice with especially appealing earnings margins that you d like to push, but not every business can manage it.
In this case, you may develop a worth bundle– an option you use at a lower price than your favored membership with a more restricted suite of features. On your prices page and in your marketing materials, you try to offer your preferred design, however you still include your worth package as an option.
Heres an example of this approach from Nextiva:

Image Source: Nextiva
Advantages of Down-Selling
You build brand loyalty.
Offering reasonably-priced alternatives to better fit specific prospects interests and needs shows that your company is thoughtful and thoughtful.
Youre revealing that you understand and desire to best serve your clients. And if they get a lot out of your lower-priced service or product, theres a great chance they will remain devoted and eventually upgrade to a higher-priced option.
You still get something for your efforts.
It typically implies youre not making the sale you were looking for if you down-sell to a customer. The product or service you were attempting to push at a specific price point didnt line up with your prospects requirements and expectations.
That may be disappointing, down-selling can help cushion the blow. If you effectively down-sell your possibility, your efforts werent fruitless. Something is constantly better than nothing– the idea of down-selling is developed on that principle.
Down-selling is a tactic that enables you to get the most out of your sales efforts, so it serves you to find an approach that fits your organisation design. You might not have the ability to get what you desire, however a sound down-selling strategy lets you get what you require– at the extremely least.

This specific method isnt precisely a traditional example of down-selling. That might be frustrating, down-selling can assist cushion the blow. Something is constantly much better than absolutely nothing– the concept of down-selling is built on that concept.

Down-selling can take on a range of kinds, and the method that works finest for you will depend on the nature of your company. Here, well get perspective on what down-selling is, some examples of what it may look like, and a photo of its advantages and potential mistakes.


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