caniasERP Brought Us Advantage in the Pandemic Process

Reis Makinas General Reis Makinas General Manager Basar Demircan stated caniasERP satisfies the requirements of his company especially with e-Transformation applications and they are able to work more efficiently due to the flexible structure of caniasERP. Throughout the Covid-19 global pandemic, caniasERP has actually allowed us to work from another location and when again shows the worth of ERP software. Demircan confirmed that working with caniasERP offers companies with an advantage during the worldwide pandemic, Demircan also thinks that ERP is now a crucial requirement for all company.

Reis Makinas General Supervisor Basar Demircan said they have an advantage by managing their business processes with caniasERP and added “Specifically throughout the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak, caniasERP has allowed us to work remotely. During this process, the value of ERP software was shown when again.

Reis Makina had been using a worldwide well understood ERP software, considering that 2009. With the improvement in our service procedures and growth in volume, we were required to make extreme changes in the ERP project and rebuild an ERP platform. To accomplish our company goals, we started by meeting with a number of ERP software application suppliers. A choosing aspect for us was that caniasERP has a TROIA Development Platform and is a locally-based business.

caniasERP is a Local Software and Project Team Understand United States.

At Reis Makina, we have been utilizing ERP software application for a long time. Reis Makina is an industry leader in innovations such as the dealer/service website.

Could you inform us about your business?.

You were currently utilizing ERP software in your company. Why did you choose to change the software you utilize and change to caniasERP?

How did you satisfy IAS and caniasERP? What were your selection requirements during the ERP purchase process? What was your factor for choosing IAS?

While utilizing our old ERP software, we ended up being acquainted with IAS through our own research and suggestion from a company partner. The greatest element for us in choosing caniasERP was its ease of usage in addition to the professionalism of its team.

Your job was implemented over a short duration compared to the majority of ERP jobs. Can you inform us about the numerous phases of the job and the procedure of going live? What do you consider to be the main factors for success in ERP jobs?

Reis Makina is a business that has actually been utilizing ERP for numerous years, has actually disciplined all its processes, and has efficient ERP users. The essential individuals we determined were those who mastered their procedures and can translating ERP. Our IT software group includes skilled workers. For this factor, we think that scoping is simple. In a different way, during this job, we took over the management of our warehouse in Orhanlı, which has a stock volume of 50 thousand pallets of 12 thousand square meters. This was a procedure that we were unable to handle in the previous software application and this process was restored with caniasERP. This was a brand-new experience for us. We would likewise like to state that the caniasERP consultancy group and supervisors worked devotedly with us throughout the process we went live. ERP is in fact an unlimited process, if a job ends, there is clearly an error here. As ERP establishes, the company does so. In our opinion, the most significant success consider the ERP job is that the need must be clear. Obviously, there are changes for a number of reasons, and the service generation of the specialist and the flexibility of the advancement platform end up being crucial on that phase.

caniasERP Consultants are Experienced and Strong Process Coordinators.

What would you like to say about the role of the IAS consulting team in your task?

A crucial aspect for us was that the caniasERP specialists are able to code. They are knowledgable in all our service processes and likewise professionals in the modules that we are interested in.

Which applications are you presently using over caniasERP? What kind of special improvements has been made for your business through caniasERP basic software?

We are currently utilizing most of the modules offered in the standard caniasERP software and are utilizing most modules without modification. We required adjustment in some areas that we consider personal to us and the IAS team was able to offer us services to satisfy specific circumstances available in our previous software. This will allow us to work more efficiently.

What are the impacts of the TROIA Development Platform on your project?

We worked remotely through Pandemic thanks to caniasERP.

We were already accustomed to making advancements and customizations on the ERP system we utilized to work with. TROIA uses this comfort to us. TROIA is a software application advancement environment that is very easy to adapt. Therefore, within a very short time, our own software team started to establish special applications on caniasERP for us utilizing the TROIA Development Platform.

What are your future strategies and goals for ERP and Digitalization?

We think ERP is the greatest requirement for organizations and it is extremely crucial that procedures can be managed and reported. Throughout the Covid-19 international pandemic, caniasERP enabled us to worked remotely, proving the value of ERP software application.

Reis Makina is a leading innovation business and also supplies services in other sectors; our dealer and service portal is the largest of its kind. Dealing with caniasERP we will be installing DBS in stages. This represents a first in our industry.

You have been using the ERP system for several years. How do you evaluate the impact of ERP on digitization and institutionalization?

What suggestions would you like to recommend business on using ERP?

Our company believe that it is necessary to manage your expectation, continuously monitor the system, and have your own ERP project supervisors.

We suggest caniasERP.

Do you recommend caniasERP to business?

During the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, caniasERP allowed us to worked remotely, showing the significance of ERP software application.

CaniasERP is a well-localized software. The fact that you are dealing with an experienced group is also a huge aspect. TROIA adds great worth to this software application, for this reason, we suggest caniasERP.

Reis Makinas General Reis Makinas General Manager Basar Demircan stated caniasERP meets the needs of his business especially with e-Transformation applications and they are able to work more efficiently due to the versatile structure of caniasERP. During the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, caniasERP has actually enabled us to work remotely and as soon as again proves the worth of ERP software application. Demircan validated that working with caniasERP provides business with a benefit throughout the global pandemic, Demircan also thinks that ERP is now a key requirement for all business. Within an extremely short time, our own software group began to develop unique applications on caniasERP for us utilizing the TROIA Development Platform.


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