A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for eCommerce

98% of visitors will not buy from you on their very first visit. This incredible fact poses a difficulty to all online store merchants– its currently tough to get quality visitors, so why just lose them?.

The excellent news is Facebook Dynamic Product Ads is the go-to of smart online marketers and sellers who desire to retarget visitors who have previously checked out an eCommerce website but made no purchase..

How can you engage with your visitors again? What can you do to encourage them to come back to your site and purchase?.

Well assist you understand how Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can restore your lost chance. Well likewise show you the steps on setting up extremely converting dynamic item ads to increase your conversion..

Lets begin!

What are Dynamic Product Ads?

Perfect for broad audiences.

You can also produce sophisticated product sets. You are permitted to amount to 5 customized columns to your information feed to add extra details regarding your products. Here are the advised columns to consist of:.

Service Manager account: If you utilize Business Manager, set up your account to run vibrant advertisements.

Facebook ad account: You can produce a Facebook advertisement account by producing your first ad or going to Ads Manager.

Dynamic Product Ads in action.

If you just want to run a particular promotion or market a single item, then Facebook Dynamic Product Ads wont be needed. You can do that utilizing a routine Facebook advert..

If you use an eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, you wont have to modify your websites code to develop a Facebook Pixel. What you can do is to utilize a 3rd party to install your Pixel. To discover more, check out the Facebook Partner Integrations page.

Step 3: Create an advertisement design template.

Facebook pixel, Facebook SDK, or both.

To produce a dynamic ad template:.

Go to Ads Manager > > Create > > Select Catalog Sales as your objective.

Step 4: Choose the right audience.

Follow these pointers to ensure your item set is set up properly.

In the dropdown menu beside Catalog, choose the brochure which contains the item inventory you d like to promote.

Action 2: Set up item sets from your brochure.

Prior to you can start constructing your vibrant advertising campaigns, below are the two essential pre-requisites that you have to establish:.

If you have just a dozen of items, you dont have to use Dynamic Ads. Rather, you can go to the conventional route of utilizing Custom Audiences targeting. If you have less products to work with, you can highly section your projects more efficiently.

What Facebook dynamic item ads do is to consolidate all data from all touchpoints. This method, you can target consumers with the exact same items however they are searching.

In summary, here are the important things you require to take note of:.

Dynamic Ads will allow online store owners to scale all their items more effectively and conveniently. It might be laborious to manually set up a standard retargeting project if you have more than a dozen items or deals.

A product catalog includes info, such as prices or product descriptions, concerning the products that you d like to advertise with your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Ensure you have the following:.

When NOT to use Dynamic Product Ads.

Ideal for multiple client touchpoints.

To get the in-depth instruction, heres the detailed guide on developing an Advertisement Template for Dynamic Product Ads.

Dynamic Product Ads, or merely Dynamic Ads, let you retarget individuals who have actually visited your eCommerce website and browsed your items however left without completing a purchase. You can likewise target individuals who have actually viewed your products in your app or somewhere else on the Internet.

Prior to you begin.

A brochure of your products.

With the launch of its online store, Blue Steel (a jewelry maker) launched a retargeting project by utilizing Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. What it did was to your dynamic advertisements to target people who have actually taken the following actions on its site without effective purchase:.

The following steps will help you navigate establishing your dynamic product ads. This flow will show you how the pre-campaign setup requirements up to the detailed instructions of producing vibrant advertisements:.

Facebook explains it completely: “Dynamic advertisements look similar to other advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. Nevertheless, instead of separately creating an advertisement for each of your products, you develop an advertisement template that instantly uses images and details from your data feed for things you d like to market.”.

Both the Pixel and SDK will permit Facebook to recognize who to deliver your dynamic advertisements to. This is done by discovering the actions your visitors have taken when theyre on your website or app, like searching a product or continuing to the checkout process. Without this information, Facebook Dynamic Product ads will not have the ability to advise the right individuals to target..

Facebook Page: It is required to produce a Facebook Page for business that you represent to run dynamic ads.

Steps to set up Dynamic Product Ads.

A sample item set.

Facebook Pixel: This is a piece of code that you put on your website to make it possible for the measurement, optimization, and structure of audiences for your advertising campaign. Learn more about using Facebook Pixel if youre relatively brand-new to the Facebook pixel.

While Dynamic Product Ads are an extremely effective retargeting tool, its suggested to use other alternative Facebook ad types based on the following scenarios:.

Suitable for massive inventory.

Youll know if Dynamic Ads are best for your eCommerce shop offered the following situations:.

It is recommended that you build item sets with concrete and broad themes like cost variety or high-level item classification. If you develop a too narrow product set with just a couple of products in it, it may trigger your vibrant ads to underperform..

Learn more about establishing your brochure for Dynamic Product Ads. Your brochure can come from an integration with these platforms if you use Shopify, BigCommerce, or other eCommerce platforms. To understand more, visit the list of supported platforms.

Not suggested for small product catalogs.

With dynamic ads, you get real-time prices and stock. This suggests that there will be no lost advertisement invest if ever youll have sold-out products. People will just get access to your live offers on their news feeds..

Dynamic ads also allow you to develop a broad audience targeting. This kind of targeting permits you to target individuals who have actually shown interest in your products (and even products similar to yours), even if they have not visited your website or app yet. Broad audience targeting will match your target market profile to determine people with products that are likely relevant to them..

When your previous visitors log in to Facebook or any associated Facebook platforms, such as Instagram, theyll be displayed with an advertisement featuring the products theyve searched on your site.

Each visitor action is targeted with different Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. These campaigns resulted in a 325% increase in sales..

Suitable for organisations with consistent modifications.

When to use Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Stock levels.
On sale or promotion.
Location availability.
Special shipping requirements.

Your product set is a group of products from your stock in a catalog. It enables you to handle the products that appear in your dynamic ads. To specify what goes into the item set, usage filters like accessibility, brand, classification, item type or cost..

You dont desire always to make modifications continuously if your inventory, pricing, or other product elements are in flux. With Facebook Dynamic Ads, you get to sit back and unwind due to the fact that the tool immediately syncs (depends upon the tool you use to carry out) your stores product brochure to your advertisements..

Action 1: Basic requirements to run vibrant advertisements.

Ideal for live sales/promotions.

Individuals who have seen contents.
People who have included products to their basket.
Individuals who have actually started checkout.

A sample data feed.

Catalog works as a container for your item info.

Not suggested for a single promo or product.

Data feed brings the image URLs, descriptions, costs, schedule, and other required qualities for all the products you wish to consist of in your dynamic advertisements. Numerous information feeds within a catalog are allowed..

At this moment, youll have the ability to target an audience based upon the actions they took when theyre on your website or mobile app. Choose which of the following Audience options would best match your project objective:

Broaden your target market beyond the previous website or app visitors by consisting of people who may have not visited your site or utilized your app. You can do this by setting up the broad audience targeting which traces new customers who might have an interest in your products. Read this guide to understand more broad audience targeting.

Audience Network.

To create a split test for your Facebook dynamic item advertisements campaign, select the split test alternative at the campaign level after you select Catalog Sales as your advertisement goal.

Keep your brochure up to date.

Viewed or contributed to haul but not purchased: Promote products from your brochure to people who saw or added those items to their basket.

Learn more about classifications.

At this moment, you will select where you want your dynamic product ads to be shown. There are several positionings to select from: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Its a good idea to check your vibrant advertisements by comparing the outcomes for different item sets. Doing this will reveal how audiences will react to these product sets. To develop a split test for your Facebook dynamic item advertising campaigns, pick the split test alternative at the project level after you pick Catalog Sales as your advertisement objective.

Avoid making imaginative changes in the middle of a project as it may impact the shipment of your advertisements. Also, dont create creative changes throughout time-sensitive projects like vacations. Only make innovative modifications to your vibrant ads at a low-traffic time..

Cross-sell products: Cross-sell products from your catalog to individuals who saw products from your item set.


Cart abandonment: Still one of the most dreadful eCommerce difficulties is cart desertion. Make certain you have a cart abandonment method in place utilizing dynamic ads. Serve your previous visitors with an advertisement of the products theyve contributed to their cart. Make it more engaging by incentivizing them to complete their purchase with a luring discount rate.

Deals: If you have discounts or limited-time offers, you can conveniently show them as a card in the carousel. This method, individuals can engage with the card to straight claim the offer.

Split test your vibrant ads.

Here are some practical suggestions to make sure you achieve the optimum performance of your vibrant ads:.

As eCommerce merchants, one of your significant difficulties is trying to find people with high interest for your products. Even though theyve visited your website or utilized your app currently, this doesnt mean theyll convert. The majority of the time, youll see them bouncing away.

Prevent innovative modifications during high-traffic sales events.

Include high quality and accurate details about your items to help enhance ad performance. Revealing in-stock products with appropriate prices can assist conversion rates and develop a much better experience for shoppers. If your catalog changes constantly and your feed is hosted on another server or website (such as Dropbox or an FTP client), you should consider scheduling updates to your catalog. Learn more about set up uploads.


The great thing is Facebook Dynamic Product Ads currently has the functions to make your advertisement creatives more eye-catching.

Custom-made combination: Promote products from your catalog to a Custom Audience based on how individuals engaged with your products. You could consist of individuals who added products to their basket in the last 45 days and omit people who acquired products in the last 45 days.

Finest practices for Facebook dynamic item advertisements.

Native, banner and interstitial.

Product page bounce: If clients view particular items when they searched your website or app, use Facebook vibrant product advertisements to serve them with a collection of the items theyve searched. This will advise them of the products theyve revealed interest and encourage them to reconsider..

Collection: You can even reveal your vibrant product advertisements in an immersive full-screen experience for mobile phones. When somebody interacts with the ad, this mobile Facebook News Feed format opens into a Canvas. Within the Canvas, you can show your products through a series of images and videos.

For retargeting, make certain to leave out people who acquired in the last 30 days. If youre intending for post-purchase upsell, do not do this exemption.

Step 5: Identify the correct positionings.


You can think about delivering your dynamic ads across all of these positionings to extend your reach:.

Action 6: Control your creatives.

When theyve been live for the complete length of their retention window and at least a minimum of a couple of days, Dynamic ads are most efficient. If your retention period is 30 days, your advertisement sets must be set up at least 30 days in advance of an occasion. If you prepare to have an approaching sale, change your item sets or creatives and established your campaigns 7 days in advance of when you plan to turn them on, however leave them paused. On the day of the campaign, un-pause them. This will get you more immediate results rather of setting the vibrant advertisements up the day you prepare them to go live.

Recommended retargeting techniques for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Pick between the following retargeting choices:.

With Facebook Dynamic Product advertisements, you can still recuperate these visitors back to your website.


Upsell products: Upsell products from your catalog to individuals who saw items from your item set.

Here are the most popular consumer behaviors that you can target when utilizing dynamic advertisements:.

Your imaginative is what your audience will see. This is why you require to make your ad creatives stand apart as much as possible. The advantage is Facebook Dynamic Product Ads already has the features to make your advertisement creatives more eye-catching.


Post-purchase: Dont let the recognized relationship as soon as your customers have effectively acquired a product. Instead, make this time as an opportunity to fortify a long-term relationship with them. Re-engage with them after purchase by upselling or cross-selling pertinent products based on their purchase history..

With Facebook Dynamic Product advertisements, you can still recuperate these visitors back to your website. It allows you to instantly advertise your whole item brochure across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network without the requirement of by hand developing specific advertisements. This makes your life as an online shopkeeper much simpler, focusing more energy of scaling and broadening your eCommerce store.

Classifications: Display to your audience the various kinds of items you offer in a single ad unit. Rather of revealing specific products, section them into specific categories or brands..

Discover more about how to create a collection advertisement with vibrant advertisements targeting.

To show more brand elements in your dynamic advertisements, you can add overlays, show classifications of items, provide offers and more. Lets see how each feature can make your ads more stunning:.

Overlays: Display rates and shipping details right on the item images in your innovative..

To get more information, visit the style requirements for dynamic advertisements throughout various placements.


Added to cart but not bought: Promote products from your catalog to individuals who included those items to their basket.

Read this guide to include overlays in your advertisement creatives.

With overlays, you can even add frames and more catalog information straight in your ad innovative. This will help you extremely customize your vibrant advertisements..

Customized mix: Promote products from your catalog to a Custom Audience based upon how individuals interacted with your items. If you pick this choice, you can select the audience interactions taken by choosing inclusions and exemptions. You could consist of individuals who added products to their basket in the last 45 days and exclude people who bought products in the last 45 days.

Exclude individuals who have actually already acquired in the last 10 days to optimize your total return on your ad spend if youll utilize broad audience targeting. To maximize targeting new visitors, exclude people who currently visited your website or mobile app in the last 30 days.

To have the very best quality images for your dynamic advertisements throughout Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network, its advised to have a minimum image resolution of 600 × 600 pixels.


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