5 Signs You Need To Update Your Website

Your website is the online store of your entire service. Even if you own a physical shop, individuals will typically inspect your site before visiting. It is vital, for that reason, that your site is maintained to date and running smoothly. You should consider sprucing up your website in the near future if any of the following requirements use to you.

1. Your site is not responsive

Even if your website shrinks down reasonably efficiently, you should still think about the end-user experience. A navigational structure that works well with a mouse and keyboard may be too much of a trouble for a user counting on their thumbs. Make certain your mobile site features big buttons that direct brand-new mobile visitors to the page that finest matches their interest.

Basically, if your site is not optimised for usage on a smartphone screen, it frantically requires an update. No matter how jaw-dropping your style might appear on a larger screen, it needs to carry out similarly well when shrunk down to a small, compact device.

2. Your bounce rate is too expensive

That is a substantial red flag for your existing design if people are regularly discovering your website and then right away leaving. Either individuals are having trouble discovering what they are searching for, or they are off put by the homepage in some method. You might personally like the look of your website but if your audience are not remaining, something requires to alter.

Keep in mind that a visitor to your site is going to feel no commitment to stay. They will look elsewhere if you are not winning individuals over quickly.

3. Your website takes too long to load

A flashy website is not necessarily a good site so make sure you are prioritising user-friendliness instead of complicated homepages and other interruptions. Take a look at a few big brand names and you will observe that their websites load rapidly and immediately direct visitors to where they need to go. Keep things easy and your site should fill rapidly each time.

You can create the most beautiful site in the world but if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, no one is going to see it. Sometimes the problem that is triggering long packing times is easy to repair however in other situations you might be better off rethinking your website from the ground up.

4. You keep receiving calls from telemarketers about updating your site

You will constantly get marketing calls however if you notice they are all speaking about upgrading your website in their opening pitch, that is probably a bad indication. These salespeople are attempting to hit their monthly targets and they know that business with excellent sites are a waste of their time. Take the tip and get a consultation on your present site from someone you trust.

With that being said, if you keep getting calls about your site in particular, it might be a sign that you require a redesign. When I worked in digital marketing sales, we would particularly target companies whose websites were certainly underperforming and were plainly in requirement of an update.

5. Your ranking on Google is dropping

Always keep in mind that Googles number 1 goal is to ensure people keep utilizing Google. To this end, they desire to guarantee that the leading positions on their search results page take people through to well optimised sites that include appropriate, up-to-date details. While search engine optimisation is a constantly developing field with a series of different methods, one constant aspect is the significance of a modern-day, well kept site.

Make sure your new website features the right keywords and that it adheres to Googles site guidelines. If you have the time or spending plan, work on your offsite SEO and you must begin to see your site increasing back up to where it belongs.


If some of these descriptions are sounding a little too familiar, it is worth taking a good appearance at how well your site is working for you. Much like any other medium, websites develop and expectations change over time.

Even if you own a physical store, individuals will generally inspect your site before stopping by. If people are regularly discovering your website and then immediately leaving, that is a big red flag for your existing design. A flashy website is not necessarily a great site so make sure you are prioritising user-friendliness rather than other interruptions and complex homepages. Take a look at a few big brand names and you will see that their sites load quickly and right away direct visitors to where they need to go. Make sure your brand-new website includes the ideal keywords and that it conforms to Googles website guidelines.


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