5 sales presentation examples & what you can learn from them

Your sales discussion actually makes or breaks a sale. Possibly its a sale where youre trading items or services for money. Or perhaps youre selling an idea to a higher-up or a partner. Any method you slice it, an excellent sales presentation should be well prepared and carried out to move through your sales pipeline.
Well reveal you some real-life sales presentation examples that you ought to replicate to assist you stick out from the crowd.

What is a sales presentation?

A sales discussion is an extensive kind of sales pitch and is created to lead your audience to a particular action, such as saying yes to a quote. A great sales discussion is succinct and provides worth to the recipient. It requires strong interaction abilities and a concentrate on your prospects needs instead of on your service or product.
While a structure like “Hook, Problem, Solution, and so on” can be used to any sales presentation, the term incorporates different discussion formats, depending on where you remain in the sales pipeline. These include the following:

Sales webinar
Software application demonstration
Formal group discussion
Small sales discussion
Sales video presentation

Lets dive into what each one of these sales discussions might appear like.

5 compelling sales presentation examples

Maybe youve heard how Steve Jobs felt about PowerPoint. There are more powerful types of sales presentations. Here are 5 examples of real-life sales presentations that assist successfully move prospects to the next step in the sales procedure.
You can also use these examples to help you create your own sales presentation.

1. Algolia live webinar A/B screening

Sales webinars are an excellent way to educate potential customers who have an interest in your service or product but are not ready for a demonstration or formal presentation. Webinars can likewise be used to support existing clients.
Take Algolias webinar on A/B testing. In the webinar, they highlight how tough A/B screening can be and what methods the viewer can carry out. Algolia then connects in their distinct method to A/B testing. They have also repurposed the webinar by gating and publishing it on their site.

[Source] Strengths & & Weaknesses: This webinar is comprehensive and helps viewers discover more about A/B testing, complete with handy diagrams and breakdowns of the concept. However, one technique that may much better engage the audience would be to ask concerns after every trine or four slides.
Takeaway: For your own live webinar, relate your service or product back to audience discomfort points, not how remarkable your functions are. Prior to hosting a webinar, produce a list of requirements and obstacles for your target audience. Utilize this list as the foundation for your message.
Especially for smaller sized webinars, open up the floor for questions throughout the presentation, and come up with a list of prospective questions ahead of time. That way, your audience will seem like their requirements are being heard. Attempt following the “80% listening, 20% talking” rule.
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2. Microsoft Software demo

Youll likely have to provide a software demonstration to reveal what your product can do, particularly if youre a SaaS business. In this sales discussion, Microsoft provides a demonstration of their Surface Pro.
The speaker goes through several usage cases with the item and even highlights the target user (e.g., a professional) for a few of the features.

[Source] Strengths & & Weakness: While your demo most likely should not be offered at the speed utilized for the example video, the presenter sounds conversational and really natural and even tosses in ways that different individuals may utilize the Surface Pro. He also understands the product inside and out and, in easy terms, is able to describe how to utilize it.
Takeaway: When offering a software demo, the language needs to be simple enough for your audience to comprehend. Its most likely that your product or service is technical, however you have to explain it so that anyone can comprehend how it works.
Along those exact same lines, dont throw every single feature at your audience. In the demo, highlight features that are most pertinent to their issues. You desire them to both understand and acknowledge the value of your product!
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3. Apples group presentation

Lets say that youre providing to a large audience, maybe in a boardroom of a prospective company. Apple has an unique method of providing formal discussions at events. Rather of someone talking the whole time, group members switch out, trading out various parts of their message every 10 minutes.
Our brains become tired easily. With the frequent-change technique, Apple “resets” the audience to engage them if they end up being distracted.

[Source] Strengths & & Weaknesses: The visuals are striking within Apples discussion and seem to leap off the screen. And not only is the discussion visually pleasing, however the handoff in between speakers is likewise extremely smooth.
Given, particular parts of the discussion are a bit “salesy,” which wouldnt always work in a B2B-group-sales-presentation (people withstand being sold to). Considering the brand and the product, the method works in this case.
Takeaway: While you might be presenting on your own, Apples approach can still use. Keep your discussion visually and audibly intriguing, such as with attractive sales decks, videos, and sound bites. Altering your discussion every 10 minutes has been shown to keep your audience engaged.
Avoid talking in monotone (a method that can rapidly lose your audiences attention). Rather, practice including inflections to your words. Remember: Its not what you say as much as how you say it.
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4. Todd Caponi one-to-one sales presentation

Especially if youre a little business, youll likely give a sales presentation to one or two individuals, such as executives. These discussions can be really reliable (if done correctly) since its simpler to construct trust on a one-to-one basis.
Todd Caponi, author of the best-selling book The Transparency Sale and former CRO of PowerReviews, had a meeting with Calvin Kleins senior vice president of ecommerce to close a major deal.
He was sincere about the competitors and their value proposition. He got individual and avoided the “slimy salespeople” stereotype. He also described how his businesss value proposition satisfied the needs of Calvin Klein.
The SVP ended and appreciated the sincerity up buying from Caponis business.
Rather, he included his businesss unique selling proposition. He understood the needs of Calvin Klein and highlighted how his businesss core offering would solve CKs issues better than the competitor.
Takeaway: Be honest about what youre offering throughout your discussion (typically, these presentations are more like a conversation). As Caponi states, lead with your flaws. Prospects are more most likely to trust you if you highlight item obstacles rather of just gushing about how perfect it is.
For example, maybe live chat is a core selling proposition of your business. A competitor also uses live chat, as well as email combinations and recording choices. Recognize in your discussion what this rival is succeeding, however explain how your dedication to your core offering– live chat– produces an item that better satisfies the possibilitys needs.
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5. Sylvane video presentation

[Source] Strengths & & Weaknesses: The speaker is friendly and conversational. She does not press a sale but instead highlights top deals at Sylvane over Labor Day weekend. While this method may work for a B2C business, a sales video for a B2B company need to be more about educating the audience and less about highlighting functions.
Takeaway: Dont sell in your sales videos. Rather, enlighten, engage, and inform your target audience. Resolve their issues within your videos. Maybe youre an IT tech business. You could create an educational sales video on system design, incorporating your businesss approach.
The audience still learns more about your company, but the video is focused on assisting them with a specific need. Work with marketing to develop messages and videos that will resonate with your target market.
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A video presentation is one sales presentation thats not happening in genuine time, so you dont need to solve on the very first take. You can use sales videos to support activities such as sales e-mails and social networks posts.
A B2C company, Sylvane utilizes sales videos to inform and reveal products related to their air-treatment and home-appliance items. These videos arent pushy or solely about the product; instead, they are informational and help potential customers be successful in life.

Tailor these sales presentation examples

Your sales presentation actually makes or breaks a sale. Any method you slice it, a good sales presentation need to be well planned and performed to move through your sales pipeline.
A sales presentation is an extensive type of sales pitch and is created to lead your audience to a specific action, such as saying yes to a quote. Here are five examples of real-life sales presentations that assist successfully move potential customers to the next action in the sales process.
While your sales presentation format and audience may differ, they generally have the exact same objective: move the prospect to the next stage in the sales pipeline.

While your sales discussion format and audience might vary, they usually have the same objective: move the prospect to the next phase in the sales pipeline. You also might need to provide more than one presentation during the sales process. Based on your software demo, your possibility may ask that you provide an official presentation to their businesss department.
Whatever the case, use the examples above to squash your next sales discussion!

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