20VC: Substack Founder Chris Best on The Future of Public Journalism, Why The Economics Of Attention Have Been Flipped & Why Micropayments For Content Will Not Work

To date, Chris has actually raised over $17M in funding from the likes of a16z, Y Combinator, Twitch CEO Emmett Shear and Zynga Co-Founder Justin Waldron to call a couple of. The business raised over $220M in funding from Spark, Tencent and USV to name a few.
In Todays Episode You Will Learn:
1.) How Chris made his method into the world of start-ups and came to discovered Kik? How his journey with Kik resulted in his founding Substack?
2.) Throughout COVID, conventional media publications have been hit hard and Substack has taken off, how does Chris see the connection there? Provided the public journal of record has always been totally free, how does Substack engage with public news? What does Chris
Why does Chris think that micropayments are a fundamentally bad idea? Does Chris agree the most significant issue customers face today in content is one of discovery?
When developing the Substack item today, how does Chris think about incentive design? Why does Chris think with incentives, Substack is the reverse of Twitter from an item viewpoint?
5.) How has Chris seen himself develop and alter as a leader over the last 3 years? What suggestions would Chris give to CTOs making the move into the function of CEO? What does Chris believe his biggest weaknesses and strengths are as a leader? How does Chris find the war for talent today?
Items Mentioned In Todays Show:
Chris Fave Book: The Death and Life of Great American Cities
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