20VC: Andrew Wilkinson on Building The Berkshire Hathway of Tech, Sustainable vs Unsustainable Growth and The Relationship Between Money and Freedom

Andrew Wilkinson is the Managing Partner @ Tiny, an automobile that buys, invests and builds in terrific internet business. Today Andrew supervises a group of business with over 300 staff members and 10s of millions in revenue.
In Todays Episode You Will Learn:
1.) How Andrew made his method from establishing a design company in Canada to starting Tiny and constructing a household of companies with over 300 individuals?
2.) What does Andrew indicate when he states, when buying business he looks for companies like New Zealand? What qualities/features do they have? How does Andrew think about rate sensitivity when acquiring these companies? What identifies paying a premium price to Andrew?
How does Andrew examine and evaluate real defensibility within company techniques today? Why does Andrew not think they will lose any business? How does Andrew think about grow vs success?
4.) How has Andrew seen himself develop and alter as a leader over the last 5 years? What does really fantastic delegation look like? What is Andrews biggest weakness? What is his biggest insecurity? How does Andrew think about sink the boat vs non-sink the boat choices?
Does Andrew believe we will see the unbundling of social networks moving forward? Why does Dribble have defensibility as a brand against all big incumbents?
Products Mentioned In Todays Show:
Andrews Fave Book: Tao of Charlie Munger: A Compilation of Quotes from Berkshire Hathaways Vice Chairman
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