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June 1, 2007: Third quarter rates are now availablef or Carefirst and Coventry. Contact us for more information.

Coventry Health Care plan designs, effective April 1, 2007

Basic Plan ($30/$40/$250) Coventry E
Diamond 1 Coventry D
Diamond 2 Coventry C
Diamond 3 Coventry B
Diamond 6 Coventry A
Diamond Plus 1
(400/800 OON ded.)
Coventry POS E
Diamond Plus 2
(400/800 OON ded.)
Coventry POS D
Diamond Plus 3
(400/800 OON ded.)
Coventry POS C
Diamond Plus 4
(400/800 OON ded.)
Coventry POS B

Coventry Plan F

30/40/250 (max.3 co-pays)
Emergency Room -$100 I/P
Physician Co-pay $30

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